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Pengamat soal e-commerce Cipika: Strategi kurang tepat!

Pengamat soal e-commerce Cipika: Strategi kurang tepat!

Pengamat e-commerce Daniel Tumiwa turut berpendapat terkait dihentikannya layanan e-commerce Cipika. Menurutnya, sejauh ini strategi yang dilakukan oleh perusahaan besutan Indosat Ooredoo kurang tepat. Padahal, pasar yang disasar sudah cukup tajam.

“Strateginya kurang tepat ya. Padahal, pasar mereka sudah sangat tajam,” ungkapnya saat dihubungi, Jumat (26/5).

Dia memperkirakan, hal ini bisa jadi lantaran startegi Indosat Ooredoo sendiri bergeser dengan layanan lainnya sehingga memfokuskan pada layanan terbarunya.

“Mungkin juga dengan dimulainya arah baru dari Indosat Ooredoo dengan dibuka Iruna, PayPro, dan perusahaan Big Data itu. Jadi fokus di ketiga yang baru,” jelas dia.

Terlebih, menurutnya, tidak ada yang berbeda yang ditawarkan dari Cipika dibandingkan dengan e-commerce lain untuk bersaing. Maka, mereka pun akhirnya terjerambab di pusara permainan harga yang ujungnya jadi buntung.

“Artinya bersaing. Lalu karena bersaing harus main harga. Tidak ada untung. Saya tidak bisa sebutkan tapi strategi saya akan berbeda aja,” katanya.

Sebagaimana dikabarkan sebelumnya, layanan e-commerce Cipika resmi di tutup. Kabar tersebut diketahui dari situs resmi Dalam penjelasannya, situs yang berdiri 3 tahun lalu akan berhenti beroperasi total pada 1 Juni 2017.

“Kaka Cipika, adalah 3 tahun yang menyenangkan dari kami hadir melayani Anda. Dan kami bangga turut berpartisipasi mengembangkan ekonomi lokal dengan membantu UKM lokal menjangkau pelanggan di seluruh Indonesia,” tulis dalam website resminya, Jumat (26/5).

Disebutkan juga, transaksi mereka akan berakhir pada 22 Mei 2017. Maka itu, pihaknya akan memanfaatkan sisa waktu yang ada. Hal ini untuk memastikan semua pesanan pelanggan terkirim dan merchant menerima pembayaran. Baca Juga : Harga Motor Terbaru

Smart Online Shop Tips

Smart Online Shop Tips

hopping online can save time money and other resources – and much more Canadians are performing it. Based on the latest surveys, over fifty percent of Canadians plan to carry out a number of their holiday shopping online again in 2012 — a 5-10 per cent increase over last year, consistent with some experts.

Much more shoppers will use mobile apps to compare prices or make purchases too. (And as much as 70 per cent of people will
In case you intend to steer clear of the crowds and shop coming from the comfort of your respective armchair this holiday season, listed below are six tips to remain safe and shop smart.

Avoid e-tail regret
Security first. Make sure you are buying given by a reputable source. Do not make any purchase given by a website that doesn‘t possess a secure payment system. Look out for a padlock logo upon the checkout page indicating a secure site before typing with your charge card number.
Get the measuring tape. If you‘re buying items in UK or Continental sites, ensure you understand the sizes and also the North American equivalent.

Mind the details. Ensure you understand shipping costs, whether duties are included as well as what your rights are with regards to returns. Print and save all records of your respective online orders, including your web receipt, order number and customer service number.
Understand your designer. Sizes vary from designer to designer, so bear this on your mind when shopping online. if you are splurging on a brand new designer, research your options to ascertain what size you will be. It could save you time, hassles or capital over time.

Keep it convenient. Have your parcels shipped to labor (particularly if there aren‘t any duties ), so you do not have to waste time running towards the post office.

Consider using an intermediary service. In case you fall in adore having a U. S. site that doesn‘t serve Canada, take a look at www. internationalcheckout. com. For any fee, depending on order value along with other variables, they‘re going to become an intermediary service, allowing goods to become sent for them as well as on for you. As always, take time to go through full terms and conditions before engaging this service.

Methods to save
Shopping online could be fast and straightforward – sometimes an excessive amount so, if you are looking to avoid budget-busting spontaneous purchases. Before you decide to log-on and enable your fingers conduct the shopping, you may wish to think about the following :
– Consider using just one charge card, with a coffee credit limit, for all of your online shopping. This not just helps to stay yourself on budget, but when there is an issue, you will know exactly for which and in which the card was used.

– Take time to read and research product reviews to see what other customers think and whether the merchandise is valued at the money.
– Take a look at comparison websites for example Google Shopping and Bizrate. Canadian sites include RedFlagDeals. com, PriceGrabber. ca and CanBuy. ca.

– Before ordering, attend Google or MSN Search and go into the merchant’s website using the word

You‘ll often get a discount in your purchase or shipping costs or both.

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Online Shop Pros And Cons

Online Shop Pros And Cons

In case you launched your business using the intention of processing all sales over your ecommerce website, most likely you long ago discarded any thoughts of opening your own personal brick and mortar.

However, it pays to become flexible and also to explore new options when one thinks of meeting your visitors where they‘re. A working example is that the online-to-offline movement where online retailers are connecting on their local communities through short-term retail locations, otherwise referred to as pop ups. To assist you make a choice about pursuing a pop up leasing strategy, listed below are the professionals and cons of online sales versus selling via a pop-up shop :


Whenever you conduct business online, several company with your category, or that‘s focused in your demographic, will be your direct competitor. Upon the contrary, opening a brand new pop-up shop lets you engage an infinitely more targeted audience.


One potential con when opening a pop up is that the investment that‘s required. Operating your web store can never cost greater than a bricks-and-mortar shop, no matter square footage.

However, when opening a pop-up store, you‘re benefiting coming from the foot traffic that will permit for real customer engagement and feedback, and also the opportunity to create a lasting impression with both existing and future shoppers. All this comes together with the potential in order to make more profit, especially in case you properly promote the space and engage shoppers.


A pro for pop-up shops is the fact that they tend to be more personable than online stores. People adore to talk to a real individual when picking out items to purchase. However, a con is customers may need to wait their turn in line before they could ask you an issue or have a purchase. Busy shoppers that have limited time inside a store will gravitate towards the online version.

Still, you are able to rely on making much more connections with customers with your pop up shop than via your web store. An example of boosting engagement with your temporary retail store is running live demonstrations in front in an audience of avid shoppers.


Sure, you are able to put how-to videos showing potential customers how you can best use your product, or write a blog post explaining how you can best wear your latest clothing item for Spring. But videos and blog posts is unable to answer questions upon the spot.

In contrast, a pop-up shop provides you ample opportunity to carry out product demonstrations that you may tailor to the folks right in front individuals. What’s more, when many people inside the retail setting see you giving demonstrations, they could wonder what all of the fuss is about and are available and join the crowd, therefore extending your reach and selling potential.

Not must you rely solely in your online store in order to make those much needed customer connections. For information on ways to grow your company and extend your brand inside the marketplace by leasing a pop-up shop, we invite one to consult with one among our leasing professionals at Westfield POP today.

Online Shop Better Then Offline Shop

Online Shop Better Then Offline Shop

Possibilities of major retailers which have been hacked keeps growing. But while tens of millions of individuals have seen their charge card numbers fall straight into the hands of hackers, online shoppers at those stores appear safe.

In recent breaches at Target, Neiman Marcus and, most recently, Home Depot, the retailers said online customers were not affected. The hacks raise a curious question at any given time when danger appear to lurk on every corner from the Internet : Can it be actually safer to shop online than personally?

That can be true, although not because entering your charge card number on your residence computer is much more secure than swiping your card in the register, consistent with Nicholas Weaver, a senior researcher in the International Computer Science Institute.

It’s just easier for hackers to profit by stealing information associated with credit cards swiped in physical stores, he said. Such data can be utilized in order to make counterfeit cards and presents fewer obstacles for thieves than information stolen from online shoppers.

For hackers, data from physical cards “is significantly easier and hence more profitable to make use of, ” Weaver said.

Cybercriminals already get access to malicious software specifically designed to steal charge card data from in-store payment systems. That malware, referred to as “BlackPOS, ” was utilized in both the Home Depot and Target breaches, consistent with cybersecurity reporter Brian Krebs, who cited sources near those investigations.

“I’ve taken the positioning that it’s actually safer to shop online than It‘s personally — mainly because I’ve seen firsthand evidence of just just how many physical stores are now being compromised by card-stealing malware, ” Krebs said inside an email.

Harga Samsung Galaxy 2017

Credit cards stolen from online shoppers are less valuable to thieves simply since they don’t provide them with enough data in order to make counterfeit cards, Weaver said. Hackers still need key information stored on the credit card’s magnetic strip, which could merely be obtained by hacking payment systems located in the cash register. That’s largely why charge card data stolen from physical stores sells inside the underground marketplace for ten times greater than online card data, Krebs said.

Thieves who steal credit cards from online shoppers also face other obstacles. They could only use those credit cards in order to make online purchases, and to avoid fraud, some retailers won’t let you ship expensive online purchases to addresses apart from those associated with your charge card, Weaver said. Additionally, hackers must ship online purchases to so-called “mules, ” or people that grab items bought with stolen credit cards and resell them. Mules should be replaced frequently because they frequently get arrested, Weaver said.

In fact, online shopping isn’t risk-free. In 2012, Zappos, the internet shoe store, was hacked, giving thieves admittance to customers’ names, emails, billing addresses, phone numbers and also the last four digits of the credit cards. The recent Heartbleed bug was another example of internet sites leaving sensitive charge card data wide open to thieves.

Some experts disagree that in-store shopping is much more dangerous.

“To say online transactions are any safer will be a big misnomer, ” said Chris Strand, a senior manager of compliance at Bit9, a cybersecurity firm.

But for the following year, credit cards swiped at physical stores will always be vulnerable. October 2015 is that the deadline for merchants and banks to upgrade to more secure charge card technology referred to as “chip and pin, ” or cards which use a mixture in an embedded microchip and also a code to authorize transactions. That technology is supposed to really make it a lot more difficult for thieves in order to make counterfeit cards.

After October of next year, whoever remains by using the older “swipe and sign” technology — either the merchant as well as bank — will certainly be liable for just about any fraud on those cards. The United States will certainly be the final major developed country to transition towards the new credit cards.

However it likely won’t make fraud disappear. Driven by experiences of other countries which have shifted towards the more secure charge card technology, it might simply make online shopping more risky.

“Every other country which has made this transition has found that after moving to chip-and-pin, the fraud moved from offline to online fraud, ” Krebs said. “The fraud doesn’t get away. It’s like squeezing a balloon. The fraud just goes elsewhere. ”

Flash Sale Tips 2017

Flash Sale Tips 2017

Private Event Retail, or flash sale sites could be great tools for online retailers to scale back the price of customer acquisition while fostering customer loyalty and increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases. Actually, retailers that leverage these kinds of sites see the price of customer acquisition drop by 44% while repeat purchases jump 35% when when compared with traditional eCommerce sites. There‘s a large number of opportunity available with flash sale sites and Private Event Retail, however a key component to seeing this sort of success has a detail-oriented marketing strategy. Listed below are just a couple of items to bear in mind if you’re already running a flash sale site, or intend to implement one sooner or later.

Mind the data and tell a story

Storytelling and hard numbers might not seem to reach hand in hand. However, inside the realm of flash sale sites, it’s absolutely critical to follow the insights garnered from the membership base. There will be two key ways to do that. First, require some initial questions to become answered when a brand new member signs up. These don’t should be intrusive or far-reaching, but be sure to get a way of the general demographics and interests. This can be a great starting point and it also lets you build a persona of each and every different kinds of shopper. When your members commence to browse your website and produce purchases, be very mindful of what kinds of content they’re interacting with. Which emails did they click through? What social media copy resonated with these? While you collect these insights, make sure to refine your personas so have the ear of a general knowledge of a minimum of 3-4 key kinds of shoppers.

After you have strong personas and a very good sense of what drives each somethat you your flash sale site, you are able to tailor various stories to draw each type in. For instance, if you’re an apparel retailer, rather than presenting an over-all event for the winter line, break it into a couple of, persona – specific events. Let’s say you’re attempting to liquidate your excess inventory of winter jackets. When you have an “active” persona which has indicated a preference for outdoor activities, you may want to produce a “Winter Sports Survival Sale. ” This could possibly be juxtaposed having a sale for the high income persona, or anyone who has a indicated a preference for fashion the listed day. This might seem like : “24 Hours of Apres Ski Wear” – which happens to be the place to become seen for winter fashionistas (whether you’re actually a skier ).

Concentrate on the share

Your advocates could be your biggest marketing property. Know who they‘re and treat them well. This really is especially important because many of the most valuable event-based shoppers aren‘t always those who buy the foremost. Most of the time, it’s those who prefer to sing of their most recent deal from the highest from the social media mountain that make a difference most. Not just could they be providing free, authentic endorsements for the flash sale site, they’re attracting like-minded buyers.

To encourage this, when building your flash sale site, make sure to weave social sharing and dialogue throughout your customer experience. This could include simple sharing mechanisms, co-shopping capabilities or social influenced merchandising for example “what other shoppers are buying now” kinds of mechanisms.

As discussed inside a previous post, incentivizing customers to invite others is really a key tactic to grow your subscriptions and it’s also a wonderful way to gain some social media ground. Savvy customers will leverage Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to broadcast a mass invitation with their name (in hopes of a giant referral bonus bounty ), so why not cause it to be easy to the confident people? Make sure to provide social sharing buttons every time you encourage them to be able to invite friends directly and It‘ll pay dividends when it comes to your reach.

Timing, timing, timing

Flash-based shoppers are conditioned creatures of habit. It’ll behoove one to be consistent altogether aspects of your respective timing. This isn’t limited just as to the time of day you launch and close each event, but encompasses all your marketing messages, especially email. Your emails should appear in inboxes with regularity and create an expectation that special deals will arrive at a particular time.

This degree of consistency pays off in three key ways. First, and the majority simply, your shoppers will certainly be conditioned to examine email addresses at a particular time for them to ensure that they’re on surface of any urgent deals. Second – it will allow leverage (but please, don’t overuse ! ) the component of surprise. From time to time, it helps to throw a curveball and release a little event, or adjust prices for a really short supply or short period, just to stay your members on the toes. This‘ll provide them with grounds to stay returning and checking your flash sale site to ensure they’re not missing on something special.

When building a personal event retail site, usually there are some key considerations and finest practices that tend to make or break your success. Check out our latest white paper, The Next Wave of Private Event

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Coupons Discount Codes 2017

Coupons Discount Codes 2017

Jabong Coupons And Discount Codes For February 2017 41 Offers Available

Jabong. com, backed by Rocket Internet Group, very quickly has grown to be India’s probably the most popular online shopping website. It‘s the leading Fashion and Lifestyle E-Tailer in India with expertise in selling Fashion and Lifestyle Products from over 200+ brands online. Jabong delivers products from various categories that includes – Clothing, Footwear, Fashion Accessories for example Belts, Wallets, Watches, Sunglasses and much more. Additionally they sell Beauty Products, Cosmetics, Jewellery and Furniture. It‘s a leading website when one thinks of no. of brands they sell, they include Internaional brands like GAS, Timerland, Tommy Hilfiger and much more. Beside this additionally they sell popular brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Casio, Swayam, Van Heusen, Allen Solly as well as over 200+ more brands.

Jabong Discount Coupons
You may also get these products at discounted prices by by using the various Jabong Discount Coupons released by them occasionally. These discount codes helps you will get extra discount deals on clothing, footwear, fashion accessories and much more.

Latest Jabong Promo Coupon Codes
Here at Couponzguru, we make every effort to gather and feature all of the Latest Jabong Coupons, Deals and Offers and assist you save money whenever You Think That of shopping online at Jabong. So before you decide to proceed for shopping online, Ensure you check our below collection of Jabong Coupon Codes, Discount Coupons, Deals and Offers ! Happy Shopping and Happy Saving !

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Temukan Harga Peralatan Dapur Semua Merk Terbaru 2017

Temukan Harga Peralatan Dapur Semua Merk Terbaru 2017

harga peralatan dapur semua merk 2017

Anda dapat temukan berbagai peralatan dapur yang kini sangat banyak sekali macam-macam peralatan dapur dan juga fungsinya tidak lain yakni alat untuk memasak, alat untuk menyiapkan serta menyimpan berbagai bahan makanan.

Peralatan dapur juga sangat bermacam-macam yakni peralatan masak, peralatan meracik masakan, peralatan untuk mencuci perabot dapur, peralatan penyimpan bahan masakan dan lain-lainnya. Kini juga dijual dengan harga yang murah sampai dengan yang mahal, tergantung dari jenis peralatan dapur tersebut juga tergantung dengan merk tersebut.

Untuk jenis dari peralatan dapur untuk memasak terdiri dari kompor masak, wajan penggorengan, wajan panggang, panci, oven microwave, toaster, magic blender, rico cooker, dan tentunya masih banyak lagi yang lainnnya dengan berbagai merk yang dijual dipasaran saat ini.

Kini ada salah satu peralatan dapur modern untuk menyimpan berbagai bahan makanan yakni refrigerator. Yang memiliki fungsi serta kegunaan yang sangat besar, dimana mampu menyimpan bahan-bahan yang menjadikannya teahan lama dengan suhu atau temperature yang telah diatur sesuai dengan fungsinya tersebut.

Tak hanya itu saja, tentunya masih banyak lagi jenis serta peroduk peralatan dapur untuk menyimpan bahan masakan. Peralatan dapur modern yang kjali ini fungsinya untuk menyimpan bahan masakan yakni smart sealer. Peralatan dapur smart sealer dapat melindungi makanan yang kita sempan dengan tujuan untuk terhindar dari paparan bekteri pada udara, tak hanya itu sekaligus untuk memperpanjang umur bahan makanan tetap segar.

Memiliki daya dari baterai, sehingga smart sealer juga memiliki elemen pemanas yang mampu menyegel sangat cepat dengan berbagai jenis bahan kemasan misal saja seperti kantong plastik, PVC, polybag, plastik wrap, kantong foil serta plastik tahan dingin dan juga lain-lainnya.

Seperti kita ketahui bahwa untuk jenis peralatan dapur masih sangat banyak lagi jenis dan macam-macamnya, serta sangat bervariasi begitu juga dengan harga peralatan dapur semua merk terbaru saat ini yang sangat beragam, tergantung dengan jenis perlatan dapur tersebut dan juga yang anda inginkan mulai dari harga murah sampai dengan yang paling mahal.